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Austerity Motoring 1939 - 1950

Austerity Motoring 1939 - 1950
Item# 9780852638415

Product Description

Publisher: Shire

Author: Andrew Lane

The 1940s was the bleakest period in the brief history of the motorcar. It was a time of war, deprivation and austerity when, for almost a decade, car development stood still. Wartime motorists faced petrol and tyre rationing while the hazards of the blackout made driving in the dark a harrowing experience; a 20 mph speed limit could not stop the road death tally soaring. This new Shire book explores this intriguing subject about a crucial development in the history of motoring, including its recovery towards the end of the period as new models such as the iconic Morris Minor burst onto the scene. (pb)