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An A-Z of JRR Tokien's The Hobbit

An A-Z of JRR Tokien's The Hobbit
Item# 9781857829556

Product Description

Publisher: John Blake

Author: Sarah Oliver

A is for auditions. Find out which pop star auditioned to play an elf and who impressed Peter Jackson the most. B is for Bilbo. Martin Freeman had reservations about playing Bilbo at first - discover why, find out who he loved working with, and who he didn't, and uncover why the movie Bilbo is different from Bilbo in the book. C is for cast. Filming The Hobbit threw up all kinds of challenges for the cast. Find out who injured themselves on set and who the biggest prankster was. All this and more, including all the behind-the-scenes set secrets, why Elijah Wood had to be involved, and what to expect from the second Hobbit movie. (pb)