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Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain
Item# 9781847249845

Product Description

Publisher: Ian Allan

Author: Patrick Bishop

A Day-By-Day Chronicle, 10 July 1940 - 31 October 1940

Offers a concise, day-by-day narrative account of the battle along with illustrations, eye-witness accounts, documents, posters and timelines. Every aspect of the battle is covered from multiple points of view providing a unique and gripping account of the battle, the men and women who fought it, and the world of the 1940s. Numerous and fascinating aspects of the conflict are discussed: aircraft and aircraft specifications; RAF Fighter Command order of battle; Luftwaffe order of battle; RAF Fighter Command groups; squadrons; commanders; meteorological conditions; plane and pilot casualties; ace flyers and their kill rates; navigation aids; myths, stories and the legend of 'the few'. 6 maps. 52 colour & 176 b/w photos/illustrations. 8 colour profiles. 392 pages. (hb)