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The Battle of Britain Story

The Battle of Britain Story
Item# 9780752456829

Product Description

Publisher: The History Press

Author: Graham Pitchfork

The summer of 1940 witnessed the greatest air battle in history and its 70th Anniversary provides a unique occasion to remember the men—dubbed by Winston Churchill as "The Few"—who fought over the skies of Britain to prevent the Luftwaffe from gaining air superiority, which would have paved the way for Hitler to invade the UK. With the march of time, this is likely to be the last significant anniversary where survivors of the historical battle can join in the various celebrations. Graham Pitchfork charts the development of the epic battle fought by Fighter Command as it reacted to the changes in the Luftwaffe's strategy, reaching a climax on September 15th before finally coming to a conclusion in October 1940. In addition to the exploits of the pilots in the air, the contribution of the many ground organizations that played such a crucial role is also highlighted in this lavishly illustrated book (hb)