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Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy
Item# 9780007371082

Product Description

Publisher: Harper Collins

Author: David Walliams

Joe has a lot of reasons to be happy. About a billion of them, in fact. The thing is, you see, Joe′s dad is rich. Really, really rich. He buys Joe anything he wants, and lots of things he doesn′t want besides. Joe′s got his own bowling alley, his own cinema, even his own butler who is also an orangutan. No one dares to bully him, because he can always pay them off.

But Joe isn′t happy. Why not? Because he′s got a billion pounds ... but not a single friend. It′s pretty hard to trust people when your dad′s idea of a birthday present is a million-pound cheque. But then someone comes along ... someone who likes Joe for Joe, not for his money. The problem is, Joe′s about to learn that when money is involved, nothing is what it seems -- and nearly everything he believes is wrong. (pb)