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Black Cab Wisdom

Black Cab Wisdom
Item# 9781849531269

Product Description

Publisher: Summersdale (May 2012)

Author: Mark Solomon

A truly collaborative project, a collection of the distilled wisdom of hundreds of taxi cab passengers "An inch in the right direction is better than a mile in the wrong direction." "If you think your life is bland, then you haven't added enough flavor." "People who live in glass houses should never undress." In September 2009, London cabbie Mark Solomon began asking passengers in the back of his taxi for a random quote or proverb. It started spontaneously, to give him more purpose and direction, but he found that sharing these daily inspirations with others made them feel part of something special too. The project developed into a popular website, and now this pocket-sized book offers the best 400 thoughts for the day, including hundreds not on the website, ranging from the truly philosophical to the downright bizarre. (hb)