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Blockbuster! The True Story of the Sweet

Blockbuster! The True Story of the Sweet
Item# 9781901447910

Product Description

Publisher: Cherry Red Books

Author: Dave Thompson

This is the first biography to explore the beautiful dichotomy of the Sweet, still one of the best-loved bands of their age. Between 1971 and 1975, the Sweet were invincible, fighting every step of the way against their reputation as a pop group with a simultaneous string of records that are today recognized as hard rock classics. Such performers as Bowie, Queen, and Slade may have hogged the headlines, but the Sweet were the pioneers. Powered by exclusive interviews with all four original members of the band, and written with the full cooperation of bassist Steve Priest, this is the story of the Sweet as they lived it, a vibrant helter skelter of delectable drama and dynamic detail. The book also includes a full worldwide discography including albums, singles, and audio-visual material. (pb)