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The Broons' Book O' Gairdenin' Wisdoms

The Broons' Book O' Gairdenin' Wisdoms
Item# 9781902407982

Product Description

Publisher: Waverley Books

This book is the Broons' collected gairdenin' wisdoms - tools, planting, composting, digging, nurturing, harvesting; there's even a blueprint for Paw's bench. And of course the Bairn has her own wee patch too! These are family gardening tips - something for everyone both young and old, whether you have a garden, only a few pots, or just a wee grow-bag. The Broons strip itself is still hugely popular, with The Sunday Post having a circulation of over 1,000,000 copies every week, and within the pages there are some examples of the strip from years gone by that will make you smile, as The Broons get stuck in to a spot of gairdenin'. (hb)