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A Dictionary of Celtic Saints
Publisher: The History Press

Author: Elizabeth Rees

An exploration of the lives and origin of Celtic saints, complete with photographs of where each saint lived and worked Describing 120 saints, and filled with the author's own evocative photographs, this reference includes every well-known Celtic saint and a large number of less famous individuals. The book is easy to use, with an introduction and maps to pinpoint the sites described in the text, and will appeal to anyone interested in history, landscape, or spirituality. The reader is drawn into the beautiful world which these men and women inhabited, while also being able to trace the history and legend surrounding these early Christians. (pb)
Celtic Mythology
Publisher: Geddes & Grosset

This fascinating book tells the story of how Celtic mythology survived in a world in which writing was prohibited and evolved to take into account historical events and the coming of Christianity. It also contains many of the fmaous legends themselves, drawing parallels to many of them with the Classical myths of Greece and Rome. in addition there is an A-Z guide that descries the legacy and the customs of the Celts as well as the personalities of their mythology.