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Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World

Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World
Item# 9780007445301

Product Description

Publisher: Harper Collins

Author: Simon Callow

Two hundred years after his death, Dickens′s work is more popular than ever, in a variety of media, most of them undreamed of during his lifetime. Over the last few decades of intensive research, Dickens the man has become much better known to us, and the sheer originality of his personality blazes forth as never before.

Unique in so many ways, he is certainly the only major novelist - perhaps the only novelist ever - to have been a compelling performer in his own right, playing to spellbound audiences of up to four thousand all over the English-speaking world.Theatre was central to his life, from his earliest years as a child entertainer in Portsmouth pubs, to his reluctant retirement from ′these garish lights′ barely a year before his death. He wrote plays, he acted in them, he stage-managed them, all with fanatical perfectionism. (hb)