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Chocolate: Discovering, Exploring, Enjoying

Chocolate: Discovering, Exploring, Enjoying
Item# 9781841729602

Product Description

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small (Sept 2005)

Author: Sara Jayne Stanes

Chocolate is the most sensual of foods--dark, milk, or white; pralines, truffles, or creamy hot chocolate. Expert Sara Hayne Stanes invites you on a tour through the wonderful world of chocolate. She tells you all that you need to know to enjoy it to the fullest, from how to cook with it to where to buy it. In Discovering, she takes you from its origins in Mexico, where it was initially consumed as a drink, to chocolate as we know it today. Exploring unravels the different varieties, tells you what to look for in terms of quality, where to buy chocolate, and how to enjoy it at its best. Sara then gives a lesson on tasting. With nearly 300 different flavours and 400 aromas, the cocoa bean has an unrivaled complexity. In any one choicolate, you may find flavours ranging from berries to butterscotch and exotic flowers to freshly mown grass. Finally, Enjoying offers a tempting selection of recipe: try Truffles or Ice Cream, a really Rich Chocolate Cake, or brownies. -Whether your passion is for dark bar or for white champagne truffles, let "Chocolate" take your enjoyment to a higher level. (hb)