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Churchill's Generals

Churchill's Generals
Item# 9780304367122

Product Description

Publisher: Cassell

Author: John Keegan

A unique collection of essays by eminent historians—and edited by one of the world’s most acclaimed military writers: John Keegan. Churchill’s reputation as Prime Minister during World War II fluctuated according to the successes and failures of his generals. Most were household names—even heroes. Yet all were prey to the intolerance, interference, irascibility, and inspiration of Britain’s leader, who wanted to be both the general in the field and the presiding strategic genius. Yet, despite sacking his warlords ruthlessly, in the end Churchill was served by perhaps the greatest generals England has ever produced. The chapters cover such outstanding military men as Wavell, Ironside, Ritchie, Auchinleck, Montgomery, Alexander, Percival, Wingate, and Carton de Wiart. (pb)