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Colditz: Oflag IV-C

Colditz: Oflag IV-C
Item# 9781846035838

Product Description

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Author: Michael McNally

Illustrator: Peter Dennis

Michael McNally’s Colditz: Oflag IV-C chronicles the history of the castle of Colditz, known as Oflag IV-C during WWII, which was used as a prison for soldiers and military leaders who were captured by the Nazis. The castle gets its name from the town where it stands (Colditz), located near Leipzig. It was built in the middle of the 11th century, was enlarged as time passed, and became a royal residence by the 1600s. Before it became a prison camp in 1933, it served as a poorhouse and a mental asylum, and a hospital and nursing home soon after the war ended. (pb)