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Cricket, Lovely Cricket?

Cricket, Lovely Cricket?
Item# 9780224079150

Product Description

Publisher: Yellow Jersey Press

Author: Lawrence Booth

Cricket, Lovely Cricket is a sports book with a difference. It is an original and engaging journey around the perennially curious world of cricket, leaving no metaphorical leg-break unturned and peering at the game from every conceivable angle. Written by Lawrence Booth, who had little option but to turn a youthful obsession with cricket into a means of paying the mortgage, it seeks to answer the questions that crop up on a daily basis but rarely receive a satisfactory answer. What are the players really like? What is the secret of sledging? Why get so worked up about the Ashes? Why all the clichés? And when will India take over the world?

Full of stories, observations, jokes and whimsy, this book is a captivating look at the way in which the game has become what it is today – and what, given a fair wind, it might be like in the future. (pb)