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Exposed! 2011

Exposed! 2011
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Publisher: Canongate (Dec 2011)

Author: Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson goes behind the headlines with a hilarious collection of the year's best stories

It's been quite a year in the world of celebrity... - Wayne Rooney said 'I'm worth it' with his new head of hair; - Charlie Sheen went from losing it to WINNING; - Cameron and Clegg continued their bromance; - Cheryl got hired 'n' fired in spectacular fashion; - And the world stopped entirely to watch Kate 'n' Wills get married - then got totally distracted by Pippa's bottom instead

Thankfully, there's been someone there to record all of 2011's most momentous events. They're the pics that the carefully airbrushed celebs might not have wanted you to see, but from the Milibands arm-wrestling for leadership of the Labour party to the Beckhams picking out names for their new daughter ('Cif?' 'No, David, I told you, I wanted Harpic'. 'I thought you said "Harper", Victoria?' 'Oh yes, that's the one!'), these are the behind the scenes shots everyone else wants to see. (pb)