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Football: A Short History

Football: A Short History
Item# 9780747810520

Product Description

Publisher: Shire

Author: Matthew Taylor

Football’s journey from the playing fields of Victorian public schools to the television screens of millions is a fascinating one. From modest origins, football rapidly took a grip on the affections and loyalties of the late nineteenth-century working classes and was transformed into a business involving thousands of paying spectators and the buying and selling of ‘star’ performers. After the golden age of the 1940s and ’50s, attendances declined towards a nadir reached in the 1980s, only to re-emerge stronger than ever with the arrival of the Premier League as a global phenomenon in the 1990s. This book takes the reader back to the world of clanking turnstiles and baggy shorts, recreating the changing experiences of watching and playing football throughout the twentieth century. Drawing on expert knowledge and rare archival material, it charts the rise, fall and rebirth of the Beautiful Game in Britain. (pb)