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Gaelic is Fun-tastic!

Gaelic is Fun-tastic!
Item# 9781841583303

Product Description

Publisher: Birlinn

Author: Colm O Baoill

Gaelic is Funtastic is the follow-up to the fabulous book Gaelic is Fun, the perfect introduction for a beginner who has previously been deterred by the language’s difficult reputation. Like the first edition, it uses a combination of conversations, cartoons and comprehensible instructions, and continues with the same lesson structure of breaking each section down into digestible and clear steps, gradually revising and building on the knowledge gained from the first book. Role-play conversations and distinctive cartoon formats introduce new situations and vocabulary to the student in fun and interesting ways, communicating basic Gaelic words, phrases and sentences. This book is accessible, amusing and easy to use, designed throughout with Elwyn Ioan’s distinctive illustrations. (pb)