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Glasgow Kisses: Valentines from the Classroom

Glasgow Kisses: Valentines from the Classroom
Item# 9781849340120

Product Description

Publisher: Waverley

Author: Nora Naughton

In the past - and even now - competitive schoolgirls in the west of Scotland collected as many Valentines as they could, and swapped them in the playground. This collection is a fun, sweet, nostalgic sequence of Valentine's. Many noted them into their jotters (notebooks), only to copy out as many as they could fit onto a Valentine's card before posting them to a lucky boy. Since the time of St Valentine, we have celebrated romance and love with Valentine's. An estimated one billion Valentine's cards are sent annually worldwide. 85 per cent are sent by women, and February 14th is boom time for the greetings card business, second only to Christmas. Postie Postie Do your stuff. Take this to my Wee cream puff. (pb)