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The Gods of the Celts

The Gods of the Celts
Item# 9780750934794

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Publisher: The History Press

Author: Miranda Green

This fascinating overview of Celts and their religion covers all aspects of the gods, ritual customs, cult-objects, and sacred places of the ancient Celtic peoples

Covering 500 BC to AD 400, and embracing the whole of the Celtic world from Ireland to Australia, this rewarding overview of the evidence for Celtic religions, beliefs, and practices uses modern scholarship to bring an obscure, but captivating part of European history to life. First, this it introduces the Celts and the evidence they have left behind, and places them in their geographical and chronological context. It then covers the various cults of the sun and the sky; the mother-goddesses and fertility; war, death and the underworld; water gods and healers; animals and animism; and symbolism and imagery. (pb)