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God's Executioner

God's Executioner
Item# 9780571218462

Product Description

Publisher: Faber And Faber Ltd.

Author: Micheal O Siochru

In a century of unrelenting, bloody warfare and religious persecution throughout Europe, Cromwell was, in many ways, a product of his times. As Commander-in-Chief of the army in Ireland, however, responsibility for the excesses of the military must be laid firmly at his door, while the harsh nature of the post-war settlement also bears his personal imprint. Cromwell was no monster, but he did commit monstrous acts. A warrior of Christ, somewhat like the crusaders of medieval Europe, he acted as Godís executioner, convinced throughout the horrors of the legitimacy of his cause, and striving to build a better world for the chosen few. He remains, therefore, a remarkably modern figure, relevant to our understanding of both the past and the present, somebody to be studied closely and understood rather than revered or reviled. (pb)