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Going Solo

Going Solo
Item# 9780142413838

Product Description

Publisher: Puffin

Author: Roald Dahl

Going Solo is a memoir which picks up where Boy leaves off with Roald on his way to East Africa to take up a job with the Shell Oil Company in Dar es Salaam. Dahl is in Africa when World War II breaks out and he leaves Shell to join up with the RAF. This book details Dahl's wartime exploits, which include having a luger pointed at his head by the leader of a German convoy, crash-landing in no-man's land (and sustaining injuries that entailed having his nose pulled out and shaped!) and even surviving a direct hit during the Battle of Athens, when he was sufficiently recovered to fly again this time in Hurricanes. The book features black-and-white photos, as well as maps, telegrams and other memorabilia. (pb)