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High Hopes

High Hopes
Item# 9781846573170

Product Description

Publisher: Random House Audiobooks

Author: Ronnie Corbett

ďThis is the exciting story of how I, Ronald Corbett, the son of an Edinburgh baker, found fame on television as one of The Two Ronnies and managed to meet a fabulous cast of extraordinary people along the way. First Iíll reveal the technique I developed for estimating the height of a girl before daring to ask her to dance. Then Iíll fearlessly tell of my arrival in London and job as a night-club barman. Iíll explain how I first met David Frost, John Cleese and Michael Palin, and once played Othello to Danny la Rueís Desdemona, having just had dinner with Laurence Oliver. And then there was The Two Ronnies, an incredibly successful television show with a man in glasses who, rather spookily, had the same first name as me. I only hope my mother wonít be too shocked!Ē (cd)

From the Trade Paperback edition.