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How to Restore Jaguar E-type

How to Restore Jaguar E-type
Item# 9781845842987

Product Description

Publisher: Veloce (Jan 2012)

Author: Peter Crespin

So, you fancy fancy an E-type but the ones in your price range are basket cases or rough complete cars? Can you realistically restore one of these yourself, or should you walk away because everyone tells you it costs at least fifty thousand to do a decent job? Peter Crespin couldn’t justify the inflated cost of E-types in the UK, but found a ‘lumped’ American car with a V8 under the bonnet for half the price. This book tells how he brought the car back to all-Jaguar specification and completely refurbished it for less than £5000. It avoids the typical route of magazine features where each sub-assembly is tackled by a different professional, with bills to match. Peter tells you how to judge what needs to be replaced, and what can be used for further service. That way, the end result may not be worth a small fortune ... but it doesn’t cost one either. If you want the truth about E-type restoration for amateurs, this book is for you – there’s nothing else like it. (pb)