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Item# 9781907554209

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Publisher: Portico

Author: Richard Wilson

A British Comedy Award-winning writer waxes lyrical on such awful parts of the modern-day vernacular as "ciao," "hurting," "fashionista," and "staycation" Taking a hard look at the English language and the mess that it has become, this is a hilarious, and topical, self righteous stab at the invention of ridiculous, nonsensical words that not only are just plain crap but also make those who dare speak them sound like complete twits. The author lets loose on how those words were created and how they escaped and survived in the wild instead of being killed at a young age. Written in an utterly fantastic ranting style, this sharp shooting of the ridiculousness of the modern English language—and the morons who use it—is a must-have for word-lovers and grammar sticklers. (hb)