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The Last Highlander

The Last Highlander
Item# 9780007229505

Product Description

Publisher: Harper Press

Author: Sarah Fraser

Lord Simon Lovat was the last of the great Scottish chiefs - and the last nobleman to be executed for treason. He is one of Scotland's most notorious and romantic figures, a shrewd and calculating soldier of unlimited ambition, wit and double-dealing who died a martyr for his country and for an independent Scotland.

In a life packed with spells as a wanted outlaw, a prisoner in the Bastille, as loyal British soldier and aspirant Duke, Simon became the greatest double agent of the age. Determined in 1701 to seek his fortune with exiled Jacobite king in France, Fraser acted as a spy for both the Stuarts and the Hanoverian Georges; claimed to be both Protestant and Roman Catholic. He disputed theological niceties with the Papal Nuncio in France, while courting Louis XIV for money to fund an invasion of England.

The Last Highlander is a gripping adventure and swashbuckling spy story using the events of Lovat's life to recreate an extraordinary period of history, up to and including the brutal defeat of the Scots by British at Culloden. (pb)