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Lancashire, Where Women Die of Love

Lancashire, Where Women Die of Love
Item# 9781845960377

Product Description

Publisher: Mainstream

Author: Charles Nevin

Enough! For far too long, Lancashire has languished under the grimy pall of smoke and muck and mills and mines, enveloped in outdated condescensions, smothered by the easy dismissals that put down the north of England as just 'up there' and 'grim.' Thank you very much George Orwell, Monty Python and every London cabbie.

But Lancashire is not up there. Lancs is actually situated in the centre of the British Isles. French writer Honore de Balzac had one of his characters declare that 'Lancashire is the county where women die of love.' Join Charles Nevin, Fleet Street journalist and humorist, as he returns to his roots and reveals all this and more. Discover the true Camelot and beauty that is rugby league.