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Loving Will Shakespeare

Loving Will Shakespeare
Item# 9780152062217

Product Description

Publisher: Harcourt

Author: Carolyn Meyer

Poor Anne Hathaway. Life is just not turning out how she imagined. She's expected to marry and have children, but every time she thinks she's found someone to share that dream, disaster strikes. She's still living in a crowded cottage with brothers, sisters, and a critical, nagging stepmother. Her best friend has a family of her own now, and even adorable Will Shakespeare, who always made her laugh, is away indefinitely. Is there any escape from her intolerable life?

Then suddenly, Will is back. He's no longer a cute young boy who entertains himself - and Anne - with silly pranks. Instead, he is tall and handsome, and his innocent flirtations are taking a serious turn. Although he's much too young for her, Anne can't get Will out of her mind. Maybe it's time for her to stop playing by the rules, no matter what the consequences. (pb)