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Broths to Bannocks

Broths to Bannocks
Item# 9781849340427

Product Description

Publisher: Waverley (Dec 2010)

Author: Catherine Brown

TRarely has a nation's cooking been so passionately celebrated. More than just a collection of recipes, Broths to Bannocks takes us on a tour of Scotland's kitchens, from the late 17th century to the present day, that reveals all that is simple and authentic in that nation's food traditions.

Illustrated with Martin Knowelden's evocative drawings, this engaging culinary classic has been updated with a new chapter ("The 1990s and into a New Century") asking if Scotland's indigenous produce can become as renowned at home as it is abroad.

Besides over 200 recipes-new and old-there is an updated list of today's traditional food suppliers, providing the resources to continue celebrating the good things Scottish cooking has to offer. (pb)