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Mavis's Shoe

Mavis's Shoe
Item# 9781849341059

Product Description

Publisher: Waverley (Sept 2011)

Author: Sue Reid Sexton

Lenny Gillespie is a young girl living in Clydebank in Scotland. It is March 1941, during the Second World War, and in a few short hours of German bombing, Lenny loses everything she has ever known, including her mum and her beloved wee sister, Mavis. Running from the blazing, devastated streets of Clydebank with her teacher, a grumpy neighbor and a little girl who is uncannily like her sister, Lenny escapes over he hills to a hut community. Desperate for news of her mum and her sister, Lenny holds on to a shoe she believes belongs to Mavis, and carries it with her wherever she goes. This urgent, compelling story of trauma and a desperate search for survivors concludes after Lenny's decision to return to Clydebank and search alone in the rubble for Mavis. (pb)