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Nightmare at Scapa Flow

Nightmare at Scapa Flow
Item# 9781843410423

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Publisher: Birlinn

Author: H.G. Weaver

Four books and dozens of articles have been written on what is now generally accepted as one of the greatest submarine exploits of all time. Yet nobody has managed to sift fact from falsehood and reconcile the apparently irreconcilable German and British stories.

The author has interviewed Royal Oak survivors, members of U-47ís 1939 crew, Lt. Prienís widow and members of the firm which published his autobiography. His quest for the truth led through England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Orkney, Norway, West Berlin, Cologne, Freiburg and even distant Amman. He has patiently investigated every point of controversy until he was able to set down a documented, definitive account of the Royal Oak naval disaster. (pb)