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Off with their Heads!

Off with their Heads!
Item# 9781906082727

Product Description

Publisher: Buster Books

Author: Martin Oliver

Bursting with the best bits from British history, this follow-up to Thirty Days Has September seeks to inspire a love of history that can last a lifetime. It is suitable for a gift from parent to child and a learning companion to help all kids have fun getting the basics of British history. Readers will learn rules to remember the rulers, get to grips with the gunpowder plot, roam about in Roman Britain, and get a clue about the cruel fates of all six of Henry VIII's wives. Kids will also learn a poem explaining the events leading up to World War I, and become experts on the War of the Roses, the Hundred Years War, and the Industrial Revolution. Beautifully packaged and complete with lighthearted illustrations by Andrew Pinder, this is the perfect treat for any young history lover. (hb)