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Pocket Money

Pocket Money
Item# 9780571236831

Product Description

Publisher: Faber

Author: Gordon Burn

New edition of the classic debut by Gordon Burn, 'the Morrissey of English prose' (Word), with an afterword by Clive Everton.

1985, and following 'that' final - between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis - Britain suddenly found itself in the grip of a new sporting obsession. Snooker or 'Coronation Street with balls' was big business, and with TV looking to cash in, 1986 was to be a crucial year. In one corner was Barry Hearn and his Romford Mafia - Davis, Taylor, Griffiths - and in the other were the bad boys - Higgins, White and Knowles - threatening the game's good name, and its earning potential.

For one year, Gordon Burn travelled with this snooker circus, from Hong Kong and China to out of season resorts in the north of England and on to the season's finale in Sheffield. With unprecedented access to the leading players and personalities involved, Pocket Money affords a unique snapshot into an extraordinary time and place. (pb)