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Robert The Bruce

In the Footsteps of Robert Bruce
Publisher: The History Press

Author: Alan Young and Michael J. Stead

This book, illustrated with superb colour and black and white photographs, takes the reader on a journey from Bruceís birth in south-west Scotland to his kingship and triumph at Bannockburn and finally to his death as King of Scotland in 1329, covering in detail all of the principal characters and dramatic settings of the major political and military events of the period. (pb)
The Renegade: A Tale of Robert the Bruce
Publisher: Penguin

Author: Jack Whyte

The year 1284 is a period of seeming peace in Scotland. It is also a time when the future of the country is being forged in the form of a young boy, ten-year-old Robert Bruce.

In the decade that follows, King Alexander dies without an heir, and Scotland falls into chaos. The potential for civil war brings a growing threat of invasion from England as Edward I, young Bruce's hero and feudal patron, develops an obsession with adding Scotland, like Wales, to England's Crown by conquest. One man with extraordinary vision and strength will unite Scotland's warring factions against the larger threat that looms beyond its borders, but to do so he will have to resolve the conflict of his own personal, feudal, and national loyalties. This is the story of the man destined to be Robert I, King of Scots.

Filled with intrigue, high adventure, and remarkable characters, The Renegade is a dazzling feat of storytelling that weaves fascinating historical detail into the drama and excitement for which Jack Whyte is renowned. (pb)
Robert Bruce: Our Most Valiant Prince, King and Lord
Publisher: Birlinn

Author: Colm McNamee

Commemorating the 700th anniversary of the enthronement of Robert I of Scotland, this book is intended as an everymanís guide to Scotlandís famous hero king. The life of Bruce is one of the greatest comeback stories in history. Heir and magnate, shrewd politician, briefly Ďking of summerí and then a desperate fugitive who nevertheless returned from exile to recover the kingdom he claimed, Bruce became a gifted military leader and a wise statesman, a leader with vision and energy.