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Rob Roy

Hunt for Rob Roy the Man & the Myths
Publisher: Birlinn

Author: David Stevenson

This is the first time that Rob Roy's life has been written with a full range of sources. The picture that emerges is indeed striking, but not heroic. A man deeply wronged and oppressed, forced into outlawry, has to be modified by the clear evidence that he was only outlawed after undertaking a careful plan to swindle his creditors. The staunch Jacobite is revealed as a man who supplied intelligence to the government against them, the supposed warrior-leader never fought in a battle, and the reputed duellist instead was only known to have fought one duel, which he lost. (pb)
Rob Roy Macgregor
Author: Nigel G. Tranter

Rob Roy MacGregor was mytholigised by Sir Walter Scott but was very much a fact in the Trossachs of Scotland in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Scott's romantic image is, however, far from the rogue which Nigel Tranter portrays in this classic work. MacGregor was an arch blackmailer, protection-racketeer and thorn in the flesh of the Hanoverian Government and their right hand men, the Campbells. This factual narrative firmly debunks the legend of Rob Roy as a romantic, Scottish folk hero and reveals the true nature of one of Scotland's most charismatic historical figures. (pb)
Rob Roy MacGregor, His Life & times
Publisher: Canongate Books

Author:W.H. Murray

W. H. Murray brings together new interpretations of Rob Roy's life and times to produce a new understanding of the character, actions and motives of a man who became a myth and symbol of Scotland. His political mission outwardly failed, but his extraordinary resolution in adversity has earned him his place in history and legend. (pbk)