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Robert Plant: A Life

Robert Plant: A Life
Item# 97800074514885

Product Description

Publisher: Harper Collins

Author: Paul Rees

(available October 2013)

Robert Plant is one of the few genuine living rock legends. Frontman of Led Zeppelin, musical innovator and seller of millions of records, Plant has been a profound influence on music, culture and modern history for over 40 years. Volumes have been written on the Zeppelin story, but Plant's tale has barely been told - until now.

Acclaimed music writer Paul Rees, whose professional relationship with Plan spans decades, brings the whole picture into focus for the first time - from the forces that shaped him as a boy to the Black Country to the ravaging highs and lows of the Zeppelin years, to the solo career that today, at the age of 62, sees him producing some of the most acclaimed work of his career. Told with tenacity and emotion, this is the definitive story of a man of incredible talent, remarkable courage and extraordinary conviction. (pb)