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The Rolling Stones In the Beginning

The Rolling Stones In the Beginning
Item# 9781554077526

Product Description

Publisher: Firefly Books

Author: Bent Rej

The Rolling Stones: In the Beginning is the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of the band and the private lives of its members from the very beginning. Bent Rej, a photojournalist and close friend of the Rolling Stones, had unprecedented access to the band when they made their first European tour, staying with them in hotels and in their homes.

The book is organized chronologically with chapters devoted to each band member, including Brian Jones, and covers the important periods in the band's early career. These photographs give rare insights into the Rolling Stones just before their star rose and their lives spun out of control on a wave of fame, drugs and failed marriages. Photographs range from candid and intimate to staged shots, each revealing the complex personalities of the band members. (pb)