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Scottish Alphabet

Scottish Alphabet
Item# 9781589805965

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Publisher: Pelican Publishing

Author: Rickey Pittman

Across the lush, emerald green mountains and through the alphabet, the ABCs of Scotland are explored in beautiful rhyme, imagery, and history. A stands for Saint Andrew’s Day, named for the brother of St. Peter and the patron saint of Scotland. I is for Iona, the ancient burial ground and abbey that holds the remains of early kings of Scotland, such as Macbeth and Donald II.

Accompanied by illustrations that capture the beauty of Scotland, Irish folk musician Rickey E. Pittman educates readers to the legendary Scottish way of life in clever rhymes that will entertain readers of all ages. He describes the ceilidh, a special gathering where people sing, dance, and tell stories, and includes histories of influential people, such as Mary, Queen of Scots, and Robert the Bruce. (hb)