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Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks (with Audio CD)

Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks (with Audio CD)
Item# 9781841586441

Product Description

Publisher: Birlinn

Author: Roibeard O Maolalaigh and Iain Macaonghuis

Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks has been written both as a self-tuition course for beginners and also for use within the classroom. You may want to learn Gaelic because of a general interest in Celtic or Scottish history and culture, or because it was the everyday language of your ancestors . The cynical observer may wonder if the exercise is worthwhile, when only one and a half per cent of Scotlandís population speak the language. However, Gaelic is far from dead; in some parts of the Highlands and Western Isles it is the everyday language, and it represents an important part of the United Kingdomís cultural mix. There are Gaelic-learning classes in almost every area of Scotland.

Each lesson in the book contains some essential points of grammar explained and illustrated, exercises, a list of new vocabulary (with a guide to pronunciation, in International Phonetics notation), and an item of conversation. This edition also comes with an audio CD. (pb)