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Scottish Genealogy

Scottish Genealogy
Item# 9780752463728

Product Description

Publisher: The History Press

Author: Bruce Durie

A comprehensive guide to tracing Scottish family history, this book is designed to exploit the rich resources that Scotland, the country with possibly the most complete and best-kept set of records and other documents in the world, has to offer. Using worked examples, and addressing the questions of DNA, palaeography, and the often confusing issues of clans, families, and tartans, Bruce Durie covers both physical and electronic sources, reminding the reader that there are more routes to follow than just the internet and that not everything written down is correct. Comparisons are made with records elsewhere, and all of the 28 million people throughout the world who claim Scottish ancestry will find something here to help, challenge, and stimulate. Complete with worked examples, templates, and methods which will enable family historians everywhere to exploit the rich resources available, this is the definitive reader-friendly guide to genealogy and family history in Scotland. (pb)