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Scottish Renaissance Armies 1513-1550

Scottish Renaissance Armies 1513-1550
Item# 9781846033254

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Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Author: Jonathan Cooper

This book details the armies of what is known as "the Rough Wooing" - the most active period of Scottish warfare, which saw conflicts against both the English Tudor monarchs and notable internal struggles between the Stuart kings and their unruly lords in the Marches and highlands. Militarily, this covers an important transition period, which saw the change from medieval to Renaissance armies, with the spread of firearms and cannon, the involvement of various foreign mercenaries and tactics ranging from lightning cavalry raids to pitched battles and sieges, as well as early instances of the classic Highland Clan charge. The author analyzes these changes in the context of the ongoing conflict as well as examining the colorful costumes, armor and heraldry worn during the period, a diverse mix of late medieval, Elizabethan and Highland clothing and armor. (pb)