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The Scotch Whisky Directory

The Scotch Whisky Directory
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Product Description

Author: Phillip Hills

Publisher: Mainstream

Phillip Hills is one of the few truly independent critics of the Scotch whisky industry. He contributes regularly to Whisky Magazine, and is the author of Appreciating Whisky and Appreciating Wine. Hills founded the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in 1983 and edited its retrospective of whisky in Scotland, Scots on Scotch.

This hard-backed tome is a delight to read for both beginner and expert. It is straightforward and is not filled with complex coding systems or self-important explanations. Each whisky listing has a colour photograph of the label for accurate in-store identification. Each whisky is rated with an easy-to-understand system and has a bar graph to show the reader which tastes are apparent and in what intensity. Easy-to-read print and concise descriptions make for quick referencing.

The book is fully indexed and begins with a clear, concise information section complete with listings of whiskies and their owners. A highly recommended read.