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Shit London

Shit London
Item# 9781907554346

Product Description

Publisher: Portico

Author: Patrick Dalton

A warts-and-all tour of the real London and the comic potential on every street corner. England's capital of culture, finance, fashion, and forward thinking, London is a city where the ancient meets the modern, the chic, and, well, the shit. This book explores the world of ill-conceived community art, poorly named shops, cheeky graffiti, bad translations, comical signs, and the unintentionally funny scenes that surround Londoners everyday. Despite the best efforts to smarten up the city before the 2012 Olympics, local pockets of immeasurable crumminess still abound in neighborhoods and boroughs. Hidden behind the architectural delights, history, and bright lights exists a world that proves London is a world-class provider of bad taste and all-round awfulness. Revel in the rubbish that surrounds all Londoners-it may make you feel better about where you live. (hb)