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Shit London 2

Shit London 2
Item# 9781907554735

Product Description

Publisher: Portico

Author: Patrick Dalton

The follow-up to the utterly hilarious Shit London A second warts-and-all tour of London, this book continues to explore the mad world of ill-conceived community "art," pun-based shop names, creepy graffiti, god-awful translations, comical signs, and any other unintentionally funny scenes that real Londoners have to put up with every single day. Once all the hype, hyperbole, and hysteria of the 2012 Olympics has quickly been discarded in the nostalgia bin, Londoners will no doubt be left with all the actual cleaning up. But once all that tidying up has been done, they will then be left with the crushing memory that their streets, shops, architecture, culture, and heritage was in a brutal state of dereliction. Revel in the rubbish that surrounds all Londoners—it may make you feel better about where you live. (hb)