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Item# 9781845975029

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Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small (July 2007)

Author: Ben Reed

Whether consumed in celebration, imbibed in haste, or sipped and savored, drunk on their own or with a chaser, shots never fail to hit the spot. Here, Ben Reed provides a wide variety of simply irresistible shot recipes. Knock back a Kamikaze--a shooter with a kick of vodka and a lick of fresh lime--great for saluting an occasion with friends. Or try a B52 with its delicious layers of Kahlua, Balleys, and Grand Marnier--perfect enjoyed after dinner. Explore Ben Reed's recipes and discover that a shot, shooter, or slammer is guaranteed to get a party started with a bang. Over 50 recipes to impress your guests. Beautifully illustrated by acclaimed food and drink photographer William Lingwood. (hb)