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Suggs and the City

Suggs and the City
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Product Description

Publisher: Headline

Author: Suggs

Madness frontman Suggs takes us on a journey through the main drags and side streets of his beloved London town, uncovering the city's hidden treasures as he goes.

Armed with a spirit of adventure, a passion for London and a trusted AZ, Suggs embarks on an unpredictable journey through the bustling main drags and little-known side streets to explore the eccentric story of his extraordinary home town. Having lived in London as man and boy, this is Suggss personal take on an ever-changing London, a city whose traditions and foibles are under threat from the march of time. From the suited and booted tailors of Savile Row to the sex traders of bohemian Soho, by way of quaint and quirky habitats, brilliant but beleaguered boozers, the exotic eateries that have made London a gastronomic heartland and a music scene that's both the envy of the world and dear to Suggss own heart, SUGGS AND THE CITY is a journey under the skin of a living, breathing city. Its a guided tour of the quirks of its chaotic centre and the surprises of its sleepy suburbs. And its a love letter from one of its favourite sons. (pb)