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The Sunday Girls

The Sunday Girls
Item# 9781845021412

Product Description

Publisher: Black & White

Author: Maureen Reynolds

The Sunday Girls is Maureenís first novel. The first part of a trilogy, The Sunday Girls records the changing fortunes of the Neill family during the 1930sí Depression in Dundee. Daughter Ann is a bookworm and would love to stay on at school but, following the death of her mother, she is forced to help support the family by taking a job as a housemaid. The contrast between rich and poor, at a time when jobs were as scarce as hensí teeth, is heart-wrenchingly drawn. These were the hardest of hard times for the whole country but the collapse of the jute industry meant Dundee was particularly badly hit and Maureen skilfully paints a realistic picture of what it was like to live through them. With her acute ear for dialogue and her ability to tell a cracking tale, Maureen also shows how, despite the hardship, fun, friendship and even love were to be found for the Sunday girls, four girls who all happen to have been born on a Sunday. (pb)