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Towards A Dark Horizon

Towards A Dark Horizon
Item# 9781845021436

Product Description

Publisher: Black & White

Author: Maureen Reynolds

After the massive success of the autobiographical Voices in the Street, Maureen Reynolds began a family saga as captivating as anything by Margaret Thomson Davis or Catherine Cookson. Using the same craft and compassion to describe the trials of the Neill family as she had brought to the story of her own youth, The Sunday Girls was the first in a trilogy and chronicled the familyís hardships during the Great Depression. Towards A Dark Horizon is the eagerly anticipated follow-up, and, though the legacy Ann Neill inherited from her employer at the conclusion of The Sunday Girls offers some respite from their lives of hardship, the Neills still find nothing straightforward, as war with Germany looms and their own lives seem headed for a similarly dark horizon.

Full of dark family secrets but also warm familial love, Towards A Dark Horizon will delight fans of Maureenís effortless way with a good yarn, eager to know what fate has in store for Ann and Lilly Neill, their father Johnny as well as the Ryan clan and the budding relationship between Danny and Maddie. (pb)