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Truths About Whisky

Truths About Whisky
Item# 9781906000028

Product Description

Publisher: Classic Expressions

Author: The Dublin Distillers

“The four firms of whisky distillers by whom this book is published ... have for the last two years been engaged in an endeavour to place some check upon the practices of the fraudulent traders by whom silent spirit, variously disguised and flavoured, is sold under the name of Whisky.”

As well as being an utterly fascinating insight into late Victorian attitudes, the book contains four wonderful fold-out coloured plates (approx 14” x 8.5”) giving a bird’s-eye view of the distilleries of the following distilleries as they appeared in 1878: John Jameson & Sons; William Jameson & Co (of Marrowbone Lane); John Power & Sons and George Roe & Co. All gone now, of course. (hb)