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Wales: History of a Nation

Wales: History of a Nation
Item# 9781849340496

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Publisher: Waverley (Jan 2010)

Author: David Ross

At the start of the twenty-first century, the Welsh people for the first time have an elected National Assembly, and Cardiff, acknowledged as the capital city since 1955, has finally acquired one of the essential attributes of a real capital. It has not exactly been the culmination of a long national struggle. The people of Wales approved the idea of an assembly only by the most slender of majorities, and its members might well feel they are there on sufferance. And yet, despite its limited powers, the Welsh National Assembly does mark a distinct and significant moment in the history of the nation.

The community that is Wales is less static than at any time in its past. The only confident predictions that can be made are that change will continue, and so will the Welsh people. Interesting times lie ahead. But interesting times lie behind, as well. It is hoped that readers of Wales: History of a Nation will understand today's Wales all the better for following the story of the Welsh people's long journey through time to the present day.

Special and unique features in Wales: History of a Nation are the "fact windows" in the text which light up many fascinating aspects of the national story not normally covered in hostory books, and a chronolgy of events in Wales from AD 43 to the present day. (pb)