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The Warrior’s Princess

The Warrior’s Princess
Item# 9780007174294

Product Description

Publisher: Harper Collins

Author: Barbara Erskine

Jess, a young teacher in London, is attacked by someone she fears knows her well. Fleeing to her sister′s house in the Welsh borders to recuperate, she is disturbed by the cries of a mysterious child.

Two thousand years before, the same valley is the site of a great battle between Caratacus, king of the Brtitish tribes, and the invading Romans. The proud king is captured and taken as a prisoner to Rome with his wife and daughter, the princess Eigon.

Jess is inexorably drawn to investigate Eigon′s story, and as the Welsh cottage is no longer a peaceful sanctuary she determines to visit Rome. There lie the connections that will reveal Eigon′s astonishing life - and which threaten to reawaken Jess′s own tormentor. (pb)